Featured Customer – 10 Month Results

Saving TELUS 150,000+ hours of customer effort

In just under a month, TELUS, Canada's fastest growing telecom, built and launched a 24/7 bilingual chatbot to provide its 13 million customers with personalized assistance across its website, app, and call centre.

More than simply FAQs, Ada has enabled TELUS to introduce an elevated self-serve experience that lets customers check, change, and add to their accounts on their own, thereby freeing agents' time to handle revenue driving conversations.

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2.3 million
customers supported instantly
hours of reduced customer effort
inquiries solved without agent
Featured Customer – One Month Results

Reducing AirAsia’s wait time by 98% in 4 weeks

Within mere weeks of launching Ada across its website and app, AirAsia, Asia’s leading low-cost carrier, was able to reduce its customer wait times to just minutes.

By instantly solving 70,000+ daily inquiries with Ada’s automation, AirAsia has replaced its existing barriers in language and geography with a multilingual solution that lets travellers self-serve across new channels on their own time.

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1 million+
customers supported instantly
8x increase
in ancillary revenue
inquiries solved without agent
“Never before has a vendor been able to improve our bottom line and our customer experience so quickly. Ada is driving transformational ROI with personalized, instant support that allows our customers to search, change their information, add new plans, and upgrade their account on their own.”
Director of ACX

Customer Testimonials

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“Ada saves us thousands of dollars a week in calls and frees our support agents to deal with more complex problems.”
Senior Marketing Manager
Coinbase 2
“Ada has been a key component of our support scaling efforts by helping our customers help themselves across both web and mobile.”
Director of Customer Support
“Ada is a tremendous tool for our team. It has saved us from hours of support tickets, informed product decisions, and is a delight to use.”
Product Manager
“Since partnering with Zendesk + Ada, we’ve been able to reduce our support wait times by 50% so it's faster than ever for our customers to get the help they need."
Director of Customer Experience
“We were surprised at how quickly Ada was able to transform our team from customer service professionals into automation experts able to drive rapid change and company-wide savings.”
Director of ACX, Enterprise Technology
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