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Mike and David
Mike and Ruth
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Founder Story

Ada’s values are deeply rooted in the history of the company and experience of our two Founders. Before building Ada, Mike and David were exposed firsthand to the pain of managing customer service in a way that was authentic and simple – but also efficient and scalable.

To understand these competing interests better, they jumped in wholeheartedly and joined multiple support teams to identify the barriers - like time, technology, and tedious tasks – that were keeping businesses from delivering incredible customer experiences.

Mike and David both answered tens of thousands of inquiries, painstakingly and manually addressing each one, to arm themselves with broad-based insight of what it would take to overcome these barriers.

And so Ada was born – with the understanding that live agents have more to contribute than responses to frequently asked questions; with an appreciation for customers’ preference for on-demand, self-service support; and with the knowledge that they could deliver a product that would offer a highly personalized and engaging opportunity for automation across the customer journey.

“While we are a culture of ownership, we are also a culture of care. We do our best work so our clients and team members can succeed.”
Anson, Head of Development

At Ada we believe that for automation to be empathic and personalized it must reflect a genuine understanding of need at each and every stage of the customer journey. That’s why since 2016, we’ve been focused on bringing the benefits of AI to business stakeholders (think customer service, loyalty and sales, client engagement, HR, and marketing) beyond IT – empowering those who know customers best to seamlessly introduce automation to drive digital transformation with rapid effort and cost savings results. No coding skills required.

Today our AI-powered platform enables enterprise businesses around the world to automate incredible customer service that saves time, reduces cost, and improves the customer experience.

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