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Careers at Ada

Ada Team at Baseball
Nikita and Nikole
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Ada Team

Based in downtown Toronto, the thriving AI ecosystem, we’re a diverse team building a generational company that is changing how businesses around the world create customer experiences.

The strength of our platform and passion of our people allow us to bring industry-leading results to clients across the globe. We’re at the forefront of an exciting new industry, and welcome others who, like us, know how they want their careers to grow.

People spend an average of 43 days of their lives on hold. We’re here to change that.
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We’re named after Ada Lovelace

When it came time to naming their company, it was important to our Co-founders, Mike and David, that the name reflected the values dear to them. Ada Lovelace is widely regarded as the world's first computer programmer. She was ahead of her time in so many ways. Ada had the foresight to imagine the vast potential of computers — thinking outside of the box, challenging conventional wisdom and asserting herself at a time when a woman's voice was rarely heard. Her legacy looms large and inspires us to push the potential of machine learning, and to promote greater equity and diversity in and outside of our office walls. The name Ada is a true reflection of our values, and we are proud of our association with a true trailblazer. 

Our Values

When you join Ada, you become an Owner. This means each of us plays an integral part in making day-to-day decisions that have direct impact on our business, our clients, and millions of customers around the world. As we evolve our team and technology at rapid speeds, we as Owners, remain rooted in core values that maintain and strengthen our culture of diversity, collaboration, and growth.


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Be open, honest, and transparent with customers, each other, and yourself.

Holly Vaughan
“Authenticity embodies Ada in a single word. Also a big reason I joined the team and enjoy the culture. Between teammates and with our clients, we don’t provide blue sky answers or what others may want to hear. We encourage candid, real responses that create a deep level of trust required for meaningful collaboration and results.”
Holly Vaughan


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Stretch yourself, seek discomfort, and take risk.

Sean Peters
“As individuals, and as a team, we push ourselves every day to set (and achieve) stretch goals that continue to solidify our spot as a market leader. Even moreso, through our forward momentum, it takes courage to stop, reflect, and re-evaluate priorities, share/seek direct feedback, and make impactful changes to plans and behaviours that may be stalling our success.”
Sean Peters


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Deeply understand the perspectives of our customers, end-users, candidates, and each other.

Yusef H. Dualeh
“As a business committed to building seamless automated experiences for both our clients and their customers, empathy is at the core of how we think, plan, and design our platform. But empathy at Ada extends far beyond how we build our product. From the experience of interviewees, to onboarding new clients and our daily team interactions, we care about each other’s well being, in and outside of the office, and it shows in the work we can do together.”
Yusef H. Dualeh


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Build and communicate with a relentless focus on reducing - not avoiding - complexity.

Chris Im
“Working within an industry with buzzwords like AI, CX and even automation, Ada’s focus on simplicity has been a key component of our success – as a product and as a team.”
Chris Im

What we offer our employees

  • Competitive salary and great health benefits
  • Company ownership and equity
  • Flexible work from home and vacation policies
  • Lunch and learns, quarterly socials, and mentorship
  • Support to participate in industry events, seminars, and courses
We're here to do our best work
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