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30 million+

customers engaged instantly

$100 million+

in savings for Ada clients

1 billion+

minutes of reduced customer effort
Build a Chatbot with Ada

AI-powered customer service – no technical skills required

Our platform makes it simple for non-technical teams to build and manage a chatbot that solves more than 70% of inquiries with proactive, personalized content in 100+ languages.
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Integrate your existing tools with Ada

Introduce 24/7 multichannel engagment

Be there for your customers at anytime and anywhere, with instant online, mobile, and social support that integrates with your live chat experience to enable a seamless handoff from chatbot to agent.
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Humanize your chatbot with personalization features

Customize every conversation

Ada brings authenticity to the automated experience by engaging customers with content tailored to their interests, information, and intent. So much more than instant answers, customers can take action by upgrading their services, scheduling appointments, making purchases, and more.
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Optimize your automated customer experience with in-depth analytics

Strengthen your CX with meaningful analytics

Access real-time insights into key customer inquiries, topic themes, trends in volume, and more, to enhance chatbot performance, streamline the customer experience, and improve products and processes across the business.
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Experts agree, Ada is disrupting the world of customer experience.


“Ada has delivered transformational, measurable results to some of the world’s most innovative brands.”


“Ada reduces agent wait times and allows companies to scale their offerings to match growth, while maintaining existing support budgets.”


“Ada can automate up to 70% of a client’s customer interactions and save millions of dollars in overhead.”


“Ada’s automation is changing how people are working by creating completely new departments, titles and roles.”

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The Future of CX, and the New Jobs that Will Power It

Learn how leading-edge organizations are reaping the ROI of AI by introducing some of the world’s first Automated Customer Experience (ACX) Departments

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