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30 million+

customers spared from the scourge of hold music

$100 million+

saved by slimming down our clients’ support budgets

1 billion+

minutes rightfully returned to customers around the world

Make IT-dependence a thing of the past

Don’t waste another minute waiting on developer resources. With Ada, your support team - who knows your business best - builds and manages an AI customer service chatbot, no coding required. No matter their technical skill, any team member can use Ada to automate more than 70% of inquiries with personalized content in 100+ languages.
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Hang up your agent-first strategy

Your customers crave independence. Feed their need for self-service with Ada’s 24/7 instant AI chatbot that’s smart enough to escalate customers to a live agent when required. Let our AI chatbot do your talking by introducing it in all the right places: social, mobile, web, and even your call center.
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Heartfelt automation conquers robotic conversations

Ada offers personalized information and tailored content, which makes for a bot that customers love to chat with. Your self-serve AI chatbot can interact with your customers on a whole new level, integrating with everything from their account information to their interests and intent.
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AI that (finally) measures up

Turn your support team into VIPs armed with access to real-time insights about customer inquiries, volume, and trends. Then turn this data around to help improve your AI chatbot for the future. But why stop the optimization there? Your chatbot’s valuable data can help bolster processes and products across your business.
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Our expertise has been generating buzz.


“Ada has delivered transformational, measurable results to some of the world’s most innovative brands.”


“Ada reduces agent wait times and allows companies to scale their offerings to match growth, while maintaining existing support budgets.”


“Ada can automate up to 70% of a client’s customer interactions and save millions of dollars in overhead.”


“Ada’s automation is changing how people are working by creating completely new departments, titles and roles.”

21 seconds to spare? That’s all you need to automate your first answer.
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“Ada speaks all the languages our customers speak!”

“Excellent platform with great client services”

“Ada is amazingly simple”

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