Support for Shopify

Tucker Schreiber and his team at Shopify use Ada to provide fast, engaging bot-first support for their app Frenzy, a new kind of flash sale experience.

The Challenge

Frenzy is a flash sale marketplace that provides exclusive access to limited edition products from top brands. Their support volume fluctuates heavily depending on when their sales are scheduled. After each sale, the team at Frenzy sees a massive spike in traffic and support inquiries. The amount of tickets they were receiving quickly became unmanageable.


The average number of questions Frenzy support receives in a given month


The portion of questions that need a human answer after a conversation with Ada

We connected with the team at Shopify to help solve their support problems. The first goal was to smooth out support spikes by automating frequently asked questions, while staying on brand with friendly, concise answers. It also needed to fit neatly inside the app.

The Solution

How Ada works in the Frenzy app
Implementing Ada inside Frenzy's app took less than an hour to complete

After implementing Ada, Frenzy saw a massive reduction in their support volume. Their bot gave customers instant answers to common questions. Instead of scrambling to respond to thousands of emails, the Frenzy team now spends more time on product development and growing their userbase. The best part was there was no loss in customer satisfaction. In fact, customers liked Ada more because it was much faster to respond than traditional live chat support.

Tucker Schreiber, Product Manager at Shopify

“Anyone from our team can hop in and update the bot without having to be technical”

Tucker Schreiber, PM at Shopify


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