The Future of Customer Experience, and the New Jobs that Will Power it

It’s no secret that consumers today demand more when it comes to customer service. They want personalized interactions, instant answers, and round-the-clock availability. The answer for businesses is clear: you need to add AI and automation to your customer service strategy in order to keep up.

The good news is, AI presents an opportunity to improve your CX and also to drive efficiency. The bad news is, most organizations are failing to deliver—often because they rush to implement AI without a solid plan, and without knowing exactly who owns it. Is it IT? CX? Its own thing? And once you roll out AI how, how do you measure its ROI?

It seems that while many companies know what they need to do, they don't know how to do it.

While AI is failing many businesses, there are also many that are reaping its rewards. Leading-edge organizations are driving the results and ROI they want by implementing some of the world’s first Automated Customer Experience (ACX) Departments, which are dedicated to building, managing, and tracking the AI experience across the customer journey.

The ACX Department is tasked with:

  • Determining AI strategy
  • Building and monitoring engagement, and
  • Tracking and measuring outcomes.

While not every business requires more than one person to introduce ACX, enterprise organizations are able to drive swift digital transformation, and consequently see the highest (and fastest) return on their investment, when they begin their automation journey with defined roles.

If you’ve never heard of ACX before, don’t worry.

We put together an eBook that explains what ACX is, the key roles you need to build an ACX team from scratch, and the value that it brings not just to your customer service strategy, but to your business as a whole. Our CEO, Mike Murchison, will also be discussing the development of this new department with leaders across industries, on the Growth Summit stage at Collision - North America’s fastest growing technology conference. Just as digital marketing departments are now ubiquitous, a dedicated ACX department will soon be table stakes for customer service leaders.

Ready to get ahead of the curve?

Download our eBook now or reach out to learn more about how our industry-leading clients are introducing ACX.

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