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Multiple platforms

Product Updates April 17, 2017 by David Hariri

Our team is thrilled to finally have a place in the app to manage your platforms*. You can take a look at the all new platforms view in Settings > Platforms in your app.


We also built a multiple platform deployment system that allows you to put your bot on SMS, Web, Messenger, Kik or your own custom chat interface all at once 🚀.

We've done a lot to make it simple for your bot to answer questions wherever your customers and users are and we have a lot more refinement planned for the next month.

Other Minor Changes

  • Test your bot's Web Chat from anywhere with the "Open Chat" button in the top right corner of the app beside your name.
  • See your team's roles in Settings > Team
  • Open the conversation that an untrained question originated from with the new "Open Conversation" button in the Questions view

*A Platform is just a place where your bot exists, like in Web Chat on your website or Facebook Messenger.

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