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“No two customers are the same, and with Ada we can guarantee no two chats will be the same either.”
Director of Customer Experience, E-Commerce Platform
Example Use Cases

Replace FAQ-based responses with personalized answers unique to every customer journey

Provide real-time updates

Alert costumers of important information as soon as it arises. Whether it be data usage, flight delays, or insufficient funds

Differentiate support levels

Let the bot automate repetitive inquiries and reroute the conversation to a live agent for more complex conversations

Reward Loyal Customers

Treat your loyal customers with extra care by providing them with exclusive promotions

Engage with upsells

Engage customers with upsells based on their behaviour, interests, and account information

Manage multiple accounts

Identify when customers have more than one account and direct them to the right support

Monitor high-risk situations

Monitor customer transactions, and track unpaid/unqualified accounts

66% of consumers will switch to be treated as a name, not a number
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