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Speak every customers’ language

Manage your bot in one language, but deploy to more than 100.
Authentication Block

Humanize your engagement

Seamless authentication allows you to build interactions that are highly personalized, empowering customers to add services, upgrade plans and process payments without the support of a live agent.
Segmentation blocks

Set unique customer journeys

Your customers are unique - and their experience with your business should reflect this. Provide individualized engagement, deliver hyper-relevant content, and drive new sales by delivering offers tailored to specific customer variables like account type, geography, product use, and interest.
Conditional blocks

Deepen your customization

Over and above segmentation blocks, leverage the benefits of boolean logic to micro-segment your customers based on a range of pre-set conditions.
“Automation will be central to the next phase of digital transformation, driving new levels of customer value such as higher quality and dependability, deeper personalization, and greater convenience.”
60% of customers buy more from a company with conversational AI
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