Help in over 100 languages

Introducing Multilingual Support for Ada

Choose from 104 languages

With a single click, give your support team the power to speak any language

Translate automatically

Instantly translate your English content into the language your customers are speaking

Refine your translations

Craft individual answers for each of your languages to be used instead of automatic translations

See it for yourself

Help your customers instantly, any time, now in any language

Ada is instant support at scale


Reduce tickets with an AI chat bot that improves with every conversation


Works on your site, in your app, and any other channel you use for support

Available 24/7

Never miss a chance to help your customers


With 104 languages, no customer is left behind


For complex issues, conversations are routed to your existing helpdesk


Track support trends, quality of your bot's answers, and more

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Read about why we built Multilingual and how it can improve your business

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