“With Ada at the front end of our Zendesk instance, we were able to lower live agent attrition to a mere 3%, while also growing customer CSAT. I have never seen that in my career.”
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Joe Wang, Senior Director of Customer Experience
Ada's Chatbot is Zendesk's premier partner.

Partnership, perfected

As a premier partner of Zendesk, Ada brings vast expertise in combining our platforms to deliver rapid results that save both time and costs.

  • Seamlessly connect Ada to Zendesk with no technical hiccups or complexities
  • Access best practices for introducing self-service across your entire customer journey
  • Let automation improve CSAT, diminish wait times and uncover new revenue
“Ada brings significant value to customer-centric businesses by accelerating responses to simple inquiries, delivering better first response times, and empowering human agents to prioritize the more complex issues.”
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Astha Malik, VP of Platform

Ada Glass: Move seamlessly from AI to agent

Streamline the customer journey from chatbot to live chat with an industry-leading handoff that invites Zendesk agents to assist customers directly within Ada’s chatbot.

  • Allow Zendesk agents to enter and exit the chat without interrupting conversation flow
  • Eliminate delays and repetition by providing agents with the customer context
  • Let Zendesk agents work within setting they know best - no new training required
Discover the transformational benefits of Ada + Zendesk
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Capture customer information on your Zendesk platform.

Automated ticketing? Yes, that too.

Introduce new efficiencies to your support model by automatically generating tickets that capture a customer’s information - no agent effort required.

  • Reallocate Zendesk agents’ time from logging tickets to solving them
  • Automate subject lines and tags consistent with Zendesk triggers and routing rules
Use your humans wisely. Automate with Ada.
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