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“Ada brings significant value to customer-centric businesses by accelerating responses to simple inquiries, delivering better first response times, and empowering human agents to prioritize the more complex issues.”
Ashta Malik, VP of Platform

Launch a branded bot in weeks

Ada has been purpose-built to make the benefits of AI accessible to those beyond IT, providing support teams with the ability to build, manage, and track AI-powered customer assistance across digital channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, website, and brand applications.

Ada Glass: Provide an industry-leading handoff

Eliminate unnecessary touchpoints by connecting customers with agents directly within Ada’s interface, without any disruption to their user experience. When agents aren’t online, the customer receives a personalized message or if agents are at capacity the customer is placed in queue.

Boost agent productivity by 5x

More than just an FAQ-bot, Ada deflects repetitive Zendesk tickets with a self-serve solution that lets customers change their information, upgrade their accounts, schedule appointments, and make payments on their own. If a live person is required, Ada reduces handling time by providing the agent with a chat transcript to help immediately.

Customize every conversation

Support teams can leverage Ada’s platform features to build proactive, personalized journeys tailored to every customer’s information, interests, and intent – with a choice of which issues will be routed to Zendesk agents for assistance.

Provide support in more than 100 languages

Businesses can reach new demographics of customers by introducing multilingual customer engagement. With Ada, a chatbot can be built in one language, and deployed to customers in more than a hundred.
“Our Content Managers who create articles in Zendesk Guide are just as confident using Ada’s platform to automate answers and actions, with a bot-to-human handoff that enhances the experience for both our agents and customers.”
VP Customer Support, Leading E-Commerce Company
By 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will be handled with AI
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